Sunday, August 24, 2008

The knitting continues

Well, as August winds down and the days start getting shorter my thoughts are turning once again to sweaters and scarves for myself, something I have accepted will probably never happen. The waiting list is gradually decreasing and my knitting minions are improving their skills, though who knows if they will use them for good or for evil.

I am still making a fair bit of business for myself selling patterns. The bonnet pattern has been available for some time through Ravelry and through me directly, and I recently released a very customizable kilt hose pattern as well. I have a pattern for knitted fingerless gloves with mitten flaps, which I have so far only made for gifts, and if anybody would like a copy of that, it is also for sale. All patterns cost $3.

In other news, I have some major yarn lust these days, and it is hard to keep myself from buying new yarn for myself (though I have quite a large stash of quite nice fibers), especially now that Noro has released kureyon as a sock yarn in the same gorgeous palettes as its worsted weight version. It's a bit steep at $20 a ball, but a ball is enough for a pair of socks, and it is hand-painted and amazing. If you would like to pay me in sock yarn, feel free. I am a sock addict. Nothing is as satisfying to me as a pair of socks.

I am also getting to use my knitting skills in new ways. I am teaching a friend from dance class to knit, with the goal of eventual kilt hose for her husband. He's the one whose hose I repaired several months ago. I am doing more repair work on sweaters, socks, etc. and learning more about how to make projects that survive abuse. I have been in talks with my employer for over six months now (I'm a social worker) about using knitting classes as a way to help improve concentration and teach relaxation techniques (not to mention math skills). Any activity where hands are busy so minds can wander is a great help to the sort of clients I deal with.

That's the latest from Russet Lodge. I plan to do much more Fair Isle and Intarsia colorwork in the near future. I need to do something useful with all the leftovers from my projects filling up my yarn stash. Any good suggestions? When in doubt, I usually just look to Knitty.
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