Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kilt Hose Ideas

With the opening of my list to new orders I have been thinking about more possibilities for those interested in my wares. All of my kilt hose orders thus far have either been for plain-knit, simplified balmoral, or argyle kilt hose. I have one order for tartan hose, which are similar to argyle, but the possibilities really are endless. I'm great at cable knitting and even design custom cables. Color work is another possibility for distinctive hose, with options such as diced cuffs as well as shepherd's plaid and other fair isle-style color patterns. I also design colorwork to order, so that you can incorporate initials, designs, etc. into your hose. I encourage everybody to think creatively when it comes to kilt hose, and feel free to contact me any time to communicate about custom work.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Okay, you win!

Despite closing my waiting list several months ago, the order requests continue to pour in. Since I have a second knitter, and since my customers insist they don't mind the wait, I am going to re-open my waiting list. I will continue to take payment as I get ready to start orders and I will continue to say that you should expect to wait a year for your order. Please try not to flood me too terribly. Christmas is coming, after all, and I have a whole family waiting for knitted goods, since the rule in our family is that all Christmas gifts must be home-made.