Friday, January 18, 2008

Kilt hose = happiness

Well, kilt hose have been consuming my life lately. Firstly, I am SO thrilled that I have finally finished and mailed the Isle of Skye Argyle hose. Here are reviews on X Marks the Scot, Brotherhood of the Kilt, and The Kilt Forum. Isn't my customer dashing in them?

Right now I'm also working on The Endless Bonnet, in addition to my first knitted doily (from a book of 1940s doily patterns courtesy of a friend), and also repairing two pairs of kilt hose for a friend of mine who happens to do piping and Scottish Country Dance. The hose appear to be hand-made (though why anybody would make 100% acrylic hose by hand is beyond me) and look like someone blew the ends out of the toes with dynamite. They won't be perfect, but they'll be strong and they don't look nearly as bad as how he'd tried to repair them with thread. In short, I can rescue those kilt hose you can't bear to part with.

I've updated my waiting list and I really am trying to plough through all the back orders so the wait time isn't so long. Sadly, I recently over-felted several bonnets and am now in the process of re-making them. If you'd like a child-size bonnet, contact me. I have two.

I have been looking in vain for an online version of the article in Interweave Knits about the bonnets. I have my hard copy, and I may give in and scan it. It's very interesting.

As always, contact me for patterns, knitted wear, etc. I won't bite. :)
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