Monday, December 17, 2007

In case you're curious...

For anybody who has been wondering, my wedding went very well, and my husband will be moving here instead of having me move to Scotland. I have very mixed feelings about that, but I just want to be with him. That's the important part.

The other big news is that I quit my second job to devote more time to knitting, and I may be hiring a second person to help with bonnet production! These are big steps for me, and I'm excited to try to branch out into publishing a knitting book, teaching classes, and learning to spin my own yarn. I really do apologize to my customers who have been waiting (and waiting and waiting) for me to finish their projects. I haven't forgotten you, I promise! I carry my knitting with me everywhere I go and work on it as often as possible. I racked up about 12 hours of knitting last weekend with no sore wrists in sight, so I plan to keep cranking out the goodies.

Also, I am in the process of wrangling a scanner to scan an article from the holiday gifts edition of Interweave Knits Magazine . There's a great article in it about Stewarton, Scotland, which was known as "The Bonnet Toun" for its production of bonnets like mine. Bonnets haven't been in production there for over a century, but there are great historical photos and info on how famous the town was for its bonnet production. If you're at all interested, pick up a copy of the magazine. It's got great gift ideas too.

So to sum up, thanks for being patient, and here's to making 2008 the Year of Knitting!
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