Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Big Day - Announcing a Universal Kilt Hose Calculator!

I have to admit, today I am as pleased as the cat that got the cream.  For all the years I've been making custom kilt hose for sale I have had the idea rattling around to make a universal pattern calculator for kilt hose.  I am a knitter who loves the freedom of knitting without a pattern to make something unique and well-fitted.  There is something thrilling in sitting down with paper and pencil and working it out every step of the way.  That said, I know not everyone's mind has the degree of math geekery and OCD that mine does, and I wanted to find a relatively simple way to help people who don't daydream about becoming an engineer to create something fully customized.  I've avoided this project for a long time because, well, pattern design is complicated.  It requires a lot of time and thought, even when you're not doing algebra that includes nineteen different variables (yes, really).

I would first like to say a huge thank you to the kind folks over at the Free Pattern Testers Group on Ravelry.  What a great resource for people who like to help test and edit patterns, and for people like me who are just looking for some assistance in proofreading and making sure the math is correct.

This pattern is all you need to make top-down kilt hose from any yarn for any size body.  Really.  I have used it to make hose for someone with 12 inch feet and 19 inch calves (yes, really, see the photo above) as well as my hubby's much more reasonably-sized leg.  Really, it's the pattern I've used to make every pair of kilt hose I've ever made, it just never existed outside of my head. 

The pattern includes information on how to measure and fit kilt hose, choosing yarn and needle sizes, and how to plug in any cables, color work, stitch patterns, or intarsia your heart desires.

This is an advanced beginner pattern.  Basic knowledge of top-down sock construction is important.

Click the button below to purchase a copy of the pattern for $6.50.  No Ravelry membership is required.

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