Monday, April 16, 2007

Kilt Hose Pattern Now Available!

Interest in my kilt hose and knitted goods is coming along slowly but surely. I've changed my profile and this blog to make it easier to contact me by email, but I also get comments on this blog via email when you make them, so feel free to get in touch however you like!

I should be finished with a sample pair of the standard kilt hose this week, and as soon as I can chase down a camera photos will be posted here. I know I'm trying to sell them, but these things really are wonderfully comfortable. The size is very customizable for differing calf, ankle, and foot sizes.

I've decided to make the pattern itself available for sale too for anybody interested in knitting their own. I've made standard small, medium, and large sizes, but if you have unusual measurements, I'm happy to customize it. Please contact me to order either kilt hose or the knitting pattern!
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